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OMNITECH Packaging Solutions

Omnitech Packaging Solutions is our packaging line branched from Omnitech. The success with the packaging solution manufacturers that we represent steered us to distinct our packaging lines. We are honored to represent three separate companies that are highly respected and well-known in the packaging industry.

From pet food to plastics to dry chemicals and much more, we can accommodate your bag filling, palletization, load protection and bulk bag handling needs.

Omnitech Packaging Solutions Represents These World-Class Companies

Custom Equipment Design

Custom Equipment Design revolutionized the bulk bag filling market in the United States; building one of the first bulk bag fillers in 1980. Providing operator friendly equipment, high efficiency packaging systems and the latest technology in bulk bag filling and unloading, Custom Equipment Design is the company to look toward for all of your bulk bag handling needs. Learn More

Mollers N.A.

Mollers North America is a leading supplier of bag palletizing and finished load unitization of products in the industry. Their legacy design means that you are purchasing the most robust equipment of its kind anywhere. Mollers is a world-class company providing excellence in engineering, manufacturing and service. Learn More