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Omnitech Packaging Solutions represents Custom Equipment Design in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Western Iowa

Custom Equipment Design revolutionized the bulk bag filling market in the United States; building one of the first bulk bag fillers in 1980. Providing operator friendly equipment, high efficiency packaging systems and the latest technology in bulk bag filling and unloading, Custom Equipment Design is the company to look toward for all of your bulk bag handling needs.

  • Height adjustable machines to accommodate various bag sizes
  • Inflation cuff seals the bag spout connection to maintain dust control and bag retention
  • Dust collection features to safely remove displaced air from the bag during filling
  • Bag inflation for optimum filling
  • High amplitude/low frequency densifier for the most effective de-aeration of product
  • Ergonomically designed traversing spout & latches

SlipSheet Dispenser

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Metering Gate

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Bulk Bag Filler

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World’s Greatest on ION Custom Equipment Design

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